Monday, September 18, 2017

Illuminate Ed Lightning Grader for Scanning

illuminate Ed has begun to migrate users from GradeCam to Lightning Grader for scanning assessments. You may begin to see Lightning Grader on your computer when you go to scan. Please note, the supported browser for Lightning Grader is Chrome. There is no plug in for Lightning Grader as there was for GradeCam.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that bubble sheets printed for GradeCam will not work with Lightning Grader and should be reprinted.

Resources for Lightning Grader can be found at:

How can I tell the difference between the Answer sheets from GradeCam and Lightning Grader?

GradeCam answer sheets contain a form identifier at the bottom of the answer sheet that consists of circles. Lightning Grader answer sheets have squares around the entire answer sheet in addition to a QR code at the bottom right-hand corner or the page. Examples can be seen below.



Lightning Grader:

IMPORTANT: Email issue with PowerTeacher Gradebook

PowerSchool has changed the way in which emails are delivered through the system. Formerly, teachers could put their own address in the 'Reply To' slot.This is no longer the case. Instead, all emails are sent from with a little notice that the email was sent 'on behalf of' a link to the teacher email. This setting is not adjustable by the district.

The 'on behalf of' means that a parent can no longer simply hit reply to and have the reply go to the teacher. Instead, parents would want to click the blue link to the teacher email address to initiate a reply.

Parents who find that these emails are going to spam should 'whitelist' the address in their email settings.

ITD is currently looking at alternative products that integrate with PowerSchool that restore the 'reply to' function.

Apple update to iOS version 11

Apple will be releasing iOS version 11 for iPads and iPhones beginning September 19th.
  • This is likely to increase network traffic and impact our network connection speed as devices download the update..
  • Please Do NOT upgrade personal iPhones and iPads to iOS 11 on the district network. Please ask students wait to upgrade at home.

Currently not all apps and systems are compliant with the new version of iOS. Please let ITD helpdesk know if you run into issues with apps on district devices following the update.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Technology Tips for the start of 2017-18

How Can I:

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayConnect to the district wireless network?

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabaySet up my Projector and Ladibug?
Projector resource page:

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayPrint from the Chromebook?
Each District chromebook has been set to print to a publically available printer in the school. This is usually the Media Center Black and White Laser Printer.

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabaySet up my illuminate assessments for 2017-2018?

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayAccess the district server space?

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayDisplay an iPad on the projector?

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayAdd a Printer?

Question, Mark - Free vector graphics on PixabayHow do I get technical support?

The ITD Help Desk is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. The Help Desk is located on the lower level in the Balas Administration building at 2555 South State Street. You may call the help desk at 734-994-5040 or contact your building technical support by putting in a helprequest. The online help ticketing system is available 24/7 at If you aren't sure of your login, give the help desk a call.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What must be done to use an Illuminate Ed Assessment for the new school year?

Set up for the new school year: Duplicate an Assessment

1. Click Assessments.
2. Under General, click List Assessments.
3. Click check box to the left of any assessment you wish to duplicate.

4. On the List of Assessments, click the Actions button and then Duplicate to make a copy of the assessment.
5. Click ok to confirm the duplication.
6. Click the Title of the duplicated assessment (i.e. Copy of 2016/17 Math)
7. Click Dismiss on the We noticed screen.
8. Select Setup>>Information to update the Title to follow the naming convention and the academic year.